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Originally Posted by slicer View Post
The rant below is not directed at you; it's the manufacturer....

Good luck selling without offsets; especially with the aggressive sizing. How is the buyer supposed to know what they are getting into (tire size options, camber requirements, fender modifications, etc.)? I would demand them from the manufacturer if I were you. Any manufacturer that won't release offsets would never get my business. Every major manufacturer releases their offsets (BBS, HRE, Volk, Advan, OZ). "Competitive Advantage" is a weak excuse from the manufacturer IMO. I see it as a competitive disadvantage to keep them a secret....

Sorry for the rant. The wheels look good, unique and in great condition.
If the situation you described above applied I 100% agree.


CCW is a highly reputable manufacturer that is well known in both the domestic and import world of aftermarket tuning. If anyone was to blame it would be the sales rep, however I can attest to the fact that CCW has some of the highest quality customer service in the industry.

I found it hard to believe that the offsets weren't documented as my set was a direct replica of the car you see pictures above (higher end photography). Obviously then, my wheels wouldn't be able to be replicated My rep is no longer working with the company and was planning on leaving during the time my wheels were produced. Obviously I didn't press the issue as it was none of my business.I didn't need to 'demand' anything as I found the offsets in KiokenM3's thread.
Search - 'offset'

To reiterate, it would be a stretch to say you will find a better quality wheel, with better customer service, at a better price than CCW.

Again, the specs are:

18x10 +25
18x11 +25

Thanks for the compliments otherwise And nice car!
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