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Originally Posted by jpirelli View Post

Sounds like someone justifying spending $1K+ for a measly 15 whp
Well, for comparison, the ESS 535 kit costs $8500. So you get 115hp for $8500, or $73 per hp. $1000 for 15hp equals $67 per hp, so actually you are getting more bang for your buck than you are with a supercharger.

Of course, the counterpoint is that $1000 for 15hp will give you no performance gain, while $8500 for 115hp will give you a substantial one. So while from a power standpoint, the SC is a no better value, dollar for dollar, from a real performance standpoint, it is a far better value.

There is, of course, the whole issue of a change in the subjective driving experience and feel of the car, but we shouldn't confuse this with a real power or performance gain. That said, I am not discounting the subjective experience whatsoever. It is, after all, the subjective experience that led me to choose an M3 over a car like the GTR.
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