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Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post

250 ft lbs of torque measured at the wheels.....

This is a very common way to write that.

I was at a dyno day with m3's including my own, all of which made between 230-260 ft lbs of torque to the wheels. Or wtq as I wrote in shorthand..

W - wheel
Tq - torque

Similar to whp

W - wheel
Hp - horsepower

Can't believe I have to explain this. But hey, how dare I or anyone else say anything that isn't positive about the m3!
WOW!!!! Pls tell me that you are kidding with your explanation.....really????? You do realize that the "torque at the wheels" as you put it, depends on the gearing, right?

Wtq is a common way to write torque....again, pls tell me that you are kidding. I've never seen that term in all my years of engineering, racing, or even forum discussions. You might want to google "wtq" and see what comes up.

Listen, I'm cool w your attempt to mock me but you should at least do some homework 8 grade homework.