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Originally Posted by Porschefile View Post
M3 is the most fun and obviously the fastest, but is the least competitive unfortunately. TTB is full of S2000's with wings and e36 racecars, a pretty much bone stock E92 would get raped. You start with 14 point penalty in the M3, leaving only like 5 for mods, so really the M3 is a TTA car.

For a car that won't be purely track the M3 is more enjoyable because it is so much faster and has an awesome engine note (with an exhaust). If TT is that important to you then I'd pick none of the above, and if it isn't I'd pick M3.

Thank you for the advice. I agree a bone stock e90 would get raped by starting in TTB**. However, under NASA TT Rule 6.5, a car can be dyno re-classed into a different base class. I have specifically confirmed this with the National TT Director and know a guy with a 350Z who was re-classed into TTD* from TTC. Thus, if the car comes in at about 3,700 lbs plus 150 lbs for me (with a stock engine), I believe I can be dyno re-classed into TTB or TTB*. Assuming that is true, do you believe the e90 M3 can be competitive with AST coilovers and Nitto NT-01s 255s in TTB* or Hoosier R6 265s in TTB)? Thank you in advance for your thoughts...