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Originally Posted by mhabs View Post
Yeah, that US test was weird, didn't realize there was a potential instrumentation issue w/ the germany tests. My understanding is that there was some belief (not sure there is any corroboration on this other than someone on these boards mentioning) that the testing temps in Germany were low (SAE correction may not fully negate) and there was a greater difference at the time between Euro and US software at that time. The C&D and R&T tests for those MTs in germany were some of the fastest times w/ any transmission. Also, given the MT is very tempermental to launch, might have also been a few situations of great launches where the higher torque in 1st gear may have helped if there was perfect traction.
yeah, that's why I don't trust any of the figures from R&T tests that shows them testing the cars in Europe. I just dont' think they use the proper equipment when they are on the road.