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Help! Refinance or not to.

As the title states I have a finance dilemma. I am currently paying higher APR rates on my car loan.
But I am currently paying less on monthly payment, due to special finance rate from dealer.
I been per approve for a lower APR rates, with refinance from another lender. But will have to pay higher monthly payments.

Currently I have a $30k loan on the car and here is the run down.

Current 5.99% APR for 60 months with dealer.
Monthly payments $324.26.
Balloon payment of $10544 at the end of 60 months
Interest I have to pay at the end of 60 months $8985.
But planning to pay off the car in 2 year with an estimate interest of $3954.

Refinance at 1.95% APR for 60 months from other lender.
Monthly payments $525.18.
No balloon payment.
Interest I have to pay at the end of 60 months $2925.
Paying off the car in 2 year interest at $1170.
But can't refinance until the title comes in.

Or after 3 finance payments, I can try to refinance with BMWNA and see if they can match the lower APR rate.

I know it is a no-brainer and go for the lower APR rates, but the lower monthly payments is what getting me. Please help.