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Originally Posted by Dave2 View Post
Just put the freaking plate on the car.

Maybe you will get a ticket, maybe you won't. If you are going to be constantly worried about getting the ticket then save yourself the grief and install the plate.

By the way, I have the front tag installed on my car. I am fine with it on.
Dave, from reading your prior posts, you were in law enforcement. Not sure what branch but I respect your opinion as your knowledge should exceed my understanding. To be honest, it was a simply question. My thinking was some states would strictly enforce this law wile others would only apply it if you were pulled over for a primary offense (i.e. speeding, red light, etc).

In my many years of driving, strangely enough, I don't have a speeding ticket or traffic violation to my name. Heck, not even a parking ticket. So it's the risk vs. reward for me. For a car like a M3, I do prefer not having the front plate. If the understanding is that in my primary driving area this is enforced, yes I would put the "freaking" plate on.

If I do, it is nice to be aware of the options vs. drilling a hole in the front bumper.