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Originally Posted by NFAM3
I have a quick question. The paddle shifters on our cars move with the steering wheel. Meaning, when I turn, the paddles turn with the wheel. But then on some exotics like the Lambos and Ferraris, the paddle shifters remain stationary. Meaning they always remain in the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions. I've always noticed this but last weekend, I was able to road course a Gallardo. I caught myself wanting to downshift or upshift during a turn and my hand had to let go of the steering wheel to get to the paddle shifter. It was uncomfortable as I wanted to keep my hands on the wheel. On our cars, since our hands are supposed to be on the 3'o'clock and 9 o'clock positions, when we turn and need to shift, we don't have to let go of the wheel since the shifters always remain by our fingers. My question is, why do Ferrari and Lamborghini have their setup the way they do and we have it the way we do? Is there a reason? Is one supposed to be better than the other?
when you rotate the wheel very quickly beyond 1 rotation it can get very confusing/inconvenient as to where the paddles are when they are part of the wheel. also during track time to catch an over steer you may take your hands off then quickly shift. another scenario is when you make a sharp turn (more than 90 degreees) and you need to up shift out mid/exiting it can get awkward shifting when the paddles are on the 1-2/7-8 o'clock position .

during street and light track you downshift before entering the apex so its not too bad. on BMW with paddles i use a combination of both the paddles during corner entry to slow down (in a straight) but if im in a heavy drift or wheel is rotating ill just tap the shifter up/down vs 'looking' for the paddle. imo paddles are good when your arm is not crossing over during steering other than than i prefer a quick up or down tap on the shifter.

f1 cars also have paddles fixed to wheel but their steering radius for the most part doesn't go beyond a half rotation as they rarely take their hand off during steering (yes i know they hit knobs off steering and make brake bias adjustment manually via lever)
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