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Originally Posted by germen730 View Post
Hey Guys, a good friend of mines picked up a flood title e90 m3 a few months ago and he recently purchased a GTR so I am thinking about taking the m3 off his hands. I currently own a 335i fbo and has owned a few e46 m3 in my past.
I know most (if not all) will say to leave it alone but I think this situation is a bit different.

When purchased the only thing the M3 needed was a front driver/pass seat and 4 wheel bearings. Everything else on the it worked fine. I personally daily drove the M3 for a few weeks with no issues. It is a DCT and it shifts fine and drives straight as a arrow. It launches fine, handles tight. It only has about 44k miles and seemed like it was well maintained. He is selling it to me for what he paid for it 25k.

I guess my question is being that I had the opportunity to put the car thru its paces, besides resale value are there any other major issues I might encounter. I throughly inspected the car for rust and corrosion.

$25K? go for it If you think it drives good and everything