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Originally Posted by canadian stig View Post
It's a misconception that you choose 1st or Reverse according to the hill. It doesn't matter either way. also you should ALWAYS have the parking brake on. A car can actually pop out of gear by itself, especially if the gears didn't hook up properly in the first place, or there is a lot of wear and tear in the gearbox. You need the parking brake as a fail safe measure.
Like I mentioned, parking brake must be on for downhill or uphill, but on flat level surface, parking brake isn't so neccessary once the geat is in.

maybe you misunderstood my point about long term parking and i did take it too far by considering 3+day parking as "long term parking"

many people store their M3 for the winter, and some store 1 month, some store 3 months. They ask if parking brake should be on. The answer is actually no.

Especially in cold winter and long term parking, the parking brake bites onto the brake for a prolonged period and this is not good. It's best to use some gear in and use wheel chocks to safely secure in position.

The whole reason I elaborate on different occasions like this is that new manual drivers, at least those I saw around me, who just moved from automatic tend to think parking brake is everything because they don't have "P" anymore, and frequently refuse to use gear but just rely on parking brake for all situations, whether incline or decline, whether short term or long term storage. For automatics there's only one choice, for manuals, there's many choices & BETTER choices.