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Originally Posted by canadian stig View Post
See the other thread about the m3 being a dick magnet or chick magnet. Your opinion is in the minority. An M3 is not a car that will wow women and drop their panties. You might get a "nice car" comment here or there, but you won't get a girl to change her mind from "no" to "yes" about you just because you show up in an M3. But you would definitely get the "no" changed into "yes" if you show up in a gallardo or r8 or enzo. THAT is what a chick magnet is all about.
If you read what I wrote I never suggested the M3 was a panty dropper. If you've already got a date, it helps to pull up in a M3. You do know that there are literally legions of women in their 20s to which even a 3-series or really just "a BMW" is a sign of success, right? That is common sense to pretty much everyone except you.

A woman is no more likely to sleep with a dude if he pulls up in a R8 than if he pulls up in a M3. If you really think women don't care about cars, then they don't care about an Enzo or a Gallardo either; but as a counterpoint I know a lot of women who start making "tiny penis" comments whenever they see a Lamborghini. You need to slot in between "poor" and "rich attention whore" and ideally come across as "normal, down to earth, but successful" and the M3 is very good at doing that; the only car even better in this regard perception-wise is the S5/RS5.

It's funny that you phrase it so definitively, but if you ask any normal girl you'd want to date and ask her if she'd sleep with a dude just because he had a Lamborghini; she'd laugh in your face.

The true definition of "chick magnet" is attractive, confident, well dressed, well spoken, and probably driving any mid-luxury or up car, be it BMW, Audi, etc. No one gets girls solely because of what they drive; and if anybody has that mindset -- the more they spend, the more they'll be disappointed.

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