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Originally Posted by jqsmooth View Post
Done. Thanks OP for posting DIY. Couldn't have done it without the pics and instructions. I tried to hide the wire the lazy way(pics 4&5). Didn't want to take apart the A-pillar trim. One thing I did differently was feed the V1 end through an opening by the base of the foot rest(pic 1) then run it up to the V1. It won't interfere with opening/closing the glove compartment(pics 2&3). People will see the wire when they open the door(pic 6), but I'm a happy camper seeing the device working(last pic). I feel like accomplished something and then I saw the thread about a guy installed a SC by himself. I'm not worthy. hahaha
Nice job, SSII + FR is a great combo, especially when the car has no tint. That contrast makes the car look classy.