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Originally Posted by jaehshim View Post
i've seen so many dumb ppl with the manual, leaving 1st gear in for downhill...

best would be 1st gear in for almost every parking except downhill you wanna do reverse

During the winter especially when I leave my car outside the lot or even in my own garage for 3+ days, I don't use hand brake but use just 1st gear in, during this cold weather and long term parking hand brake isn't the ideal way as it will bite the brake for a long time.
keep in mind this is a flat level/surface parking, not downhill or uphill
the whole beauty of manual is that you can simply put in gear when parking, and is a way better way than using hand brake.
It's a misconception that you choose 1st or Reverse according to the hill. It doesn't matter either way. also you should ALWAYS have the parking brake on. A car can actually pop out of gear by itself, especially if the gears didn't hook up properly in the first place, or there is a lot of wear and tear in the gearbox. You need the parking brake as a fail safe measure.