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Originally Posted by Goat Rodeo View Post
What is the point of this? So vehement but largely untrue. Plenty of women appreciate the M3; even if they are not into cars and just think it looks good. The only place where women are not attracted to men with financial stability and nice cars is apparently on car forums. And nobody gives technical lectures or any of what you suggest; they just say, "want to go for a spin?"

True Life: Normal People Edition
See the other thread about the m3 being a dick magnet or chick magnet. Your opinion is in the minority. An M3 is not a car that will wow women and drop their panties. You might get a "nice car" comment here or there, but you won't get a girl to change her mind from "no" to "yes" about you just because you show up in an M3. But you would definitely get the "no" changed into "yes" if you show up in a gallardo or r8 or enzo. THAT is what a chick magnet is all about.