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Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post

250wtq is inadequate for a 60k sports car that weighs 3700 lbs.
Sorry, but it's middle school physics fail... (Most of the world has physics in middle school) Here are the correct wtq numbers for M3:

They would be different for each gear. Also, torque is a pointless measure by itself, without revs. For example, if you put a 1/2 reductor on an M3 engine, it will work like a 595 lb/ft torque engine with 4200 RPM redline, but it's still the same engine!

Back to the topic, I am leaving M3 only because now I can afford to replace it with 2 P-cars... Yes, it's far from perfect, and is not a one car to rule them all, but it's damn brilliant if it takes 2 more expensive cars to fully replace it. And I either ridden in or test drove almost all alternatives under $200K.