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Originally Posted by meez View Post
^ 100% True.

And it sucks I purchased my car brand new and a week later I am in a parking lot...
Some dude walks up to me and asks "how much you get that for? 45K?" And continued to speak about his "cousin" who just bought my exact car for 45k.

I just gave him a smile and pretended I didn't speak english... Just to avoid a possible /elitistdouchebag moment.
What a dumbass...

I've seen that before. When you tell someone you paid a high price or brand new price, they always think you paid too much and they can or had a better deal.

Used cars are a mixed bag too. The cars may look exactly the same on paper - mileage, price, color, options etc... but you go see the two in person and they are totally different. No two cars are the same. So you can't just say, "Oh, those cars go for $45k" and apply that to all the cars. That $45K car may be great or it may be a lemon. KBB doesn't know the difference.