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Originally Posted by E93S65
Late last year at the dealership, she said, "Get an M3, it'll be your car."

She wanted nothing to do with the M3 after I took her out twice as a passenger and promised that I'd be good. Both times I went back on my word before I even got to the end of the block...She did NOT like the wip lash, especially the 2nd time.[Damn, I didn't mean to. Seriously, it was an accident - both times!!!]

Several weeks back, she took the M3 to run an errand ............and I never got it back.

Today, as I'm driving home missing the M3 and I'm wondering now the X5 4.4l became my DD. and I look over on two separate occassions and see someone's gf/wife driving their bf/husband's M3's because their vanity plates gave it away - both I can't be the only one, whose lost their M3...... [won't post their plates, but come on, "DCT" on the plate?]

This may be a good thing for me....can you say, M5?

That's exactly what happened to me. But I get it for the fun stuff
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