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Originally Posted by DevJ View Post
I know I'm reviving a super old thread, but why did you sell your gt-r and get back into an m3?? Just curious because I'm thinking about getting a '11 gtr
Well I would say go for it... both are great cars. The m3 just fit me better mainly because I want to track 1-2 times a month year around.

Older GTRs tend to overheat their transmissions quickly (8-10 laps) and require tranny cooling upgrades, also the tranny has a history of blowing up when under stress (go see how many gtrs have tranny failures over on and I was constantly worrying about warranty.

Also tires and pads are slightly more expensive, the stock rotors will crack after 2-3 trackdays so you need to upgrade those..

most importantly, the gtr has such high limits that as a low-med intermediate track driver like me, I could never find them.... with my m3, I can get closer to those limits thus making me a better driver.

However on the other hand, the gtr is a monster, a sledge hammer.. you will easily do lap times with a gtr that are just not possible with most other cars..

ultimately the gtr is a fantastic car... especially if you do more street than track , or are an exceptional track driver who already has all the skills to master a beast like the gtr and is willing to spend a bit more on track wear and tear items.

just make sure you get a good clean gtr and that the warranty in intact..
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