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In my experience, the car itself is a dick magnet. It's not uncommon for a guy to approach my car in a parking lot wondering why my car sounds "different" (blower). Or you get guys giving you the thumbs-up on the freeway. Or you give another M3 guy a quick nod. That happens on a semi-regular basis. No woman has ever paid any mind to my car. My wife certainly doesn't hold it in any esteem. She doesn't drive my car often, but she did a couple weeks ago because I had to take her SUV with the kids and dog to go hiking in the mountains with friends. She needed my car and then met up with us. When she finally met up with us, she says in front of everyone, "sorry, I rubbed the curb while parking your car. I don't think it's too bad......" ARGH!

BUUUTTT, tracking your car is a totally different story. Chicks TOTALLY dig that. Or perhaps I should more accurately say, while most chicks don't pay any mind to the particulars of a car, they have VERY strong feelings about tracking. They either LOVE the idea of it, or they completely hate it. And you can never tell which way it will go. You tell some chick that you're going to the track, and they're eyes light up real big, "oooooh, you race your car??!!" Or, there's a look of complete disdain, "Your wife let's you do that???" yessss, my wife let's me do that. But my wife does take the opportunity to poke fun at me whenever she can though.

Just yesterday, we were driving right past Willow Springs going up to Mammoth Mountain to go skiing. My kids have never seen a track yet. I said, "hey kids, wanna see a track dad goes to?" (it's only a few miles miles off the freeway.) My wife then turns around to the kids and says, "hey kids, wanna see a bunch of pavement in a circle, or go skiing?" Good one!! To my 10 year-old daughter's credit, she says, "can we see it on the way back?"

So, there ya go, I say any fancy car is mostly a dick magnet, but I have found that chicks really dig the idea of a dude on a race track. Unless it's your wife, who mostly just tolerates it.