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probelm after problem

i have a 08 e90 m3, only had her for about 5 months and she has 42k on the dash now, when i bought her best car i ever had, great power and fun to drive

bring it back a week ago, had the known fuel pump malfunction problem, brought it to the dealer and they changed the fuel pump module and it took 2 days to reporgram the whole car

picked up the car the other day and everything was fine, i noticed right away on first start up it isnt loud anymore with the cat warmup on idle, maybe they coded it off with the new program? idk

day after that start the car and its idling like crap but smooths out after a couple of seconds, did this 2 days in a row and didnt do it today, also when driving giving it some gas to say change lanes fast the car has no power(hesitates), then all of a sudden it has all the power as if it was restricted

idk if the program they did to the car isnt good or done right or the car has to relearn everything, just want some input, car is going back on monday, hopefully its a program problem and not the idle controle module going out now, warrenty is up in the 17th of feb.
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