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I think this is a really good thread!

I have had shed loads of BMW, X5,x6m,6,5s,7s over recent years.

I have come to the conclusion the 5 drives like the 6 which is like the 7 and quite uninvolving, my experience of the X5 and X6 (not X6M) was good, but its needs its replacement thats coming.

I find my self thinking, what next! I have tried the M5 and found it just not relevent to UK roads.The M5 only feels great at such silly speeds that their is no point, what happened to the experience the noise the feel!

My M3 is good, not perfect,but thats fine as its got something that just makes you forgive the down sides, such as low speed parking and tank range.

I want now to change, but the BMW range is just lacking that' ultimate driving machine' edge.

And the problem is that all the other manufacturers have not really upped their game, BMW have just somehow softened!

So I find myself driving a BI Turbo A7 DIESEL and thinking This is great!

Its a sad day

The 3 series is a real cracker, so maybe good things will be coming in the next four years!