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Originally Posted by mhabs View Post
Road & Track had 4.1s & 12.5s at 114.8 mph for the MT Coupe. Launch & Acceleration notes: "With MDrive, we can disable stability and select ultimate sport mode with 1 button. Rev to 3900 mph and quickly release the clutch while rolling into the throttle. Shifting at redline requires only light lever pressure"
those times were the European M3 coupe launch car, the test was conducted in Germany, and I think they didn't use the precise equipment to measure it. 12.5s 114mph is C63 level speed.

R&T got a 13.0s quarter with the M3 Sedan 6 MT in a California test a few months later. It was the only car that couldn't crack the 13s mark (against the C63, RS4, and ISF)

here's the link:

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