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Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
I understand not wanting to mismatch tires but are the PS2's and PSS' really so different? Its not like having snow tires on the front and summer tires on the rear. Isnt the PSS essentially a next generation/upgraded PS2?
I agree. I'm the second owner on my car and for some reason the previous owner has PS2s in 255/35/19 front and PSS in 275/35/19 rear. It's a ZCP on stock wheels with 18k miles when I bought it. I'm not sure why he replaced the fronts with PS2s and the rears with PSS but both still have near new tread left and I want to hit the track this year. I just priced out PSS fronts and it would be about $600. Seems kind of rediculous to swap out the near new PS2s on the front and blow $600 for what will likely be nearly no difference. If they were Pirelli front, Michelin rear then that's way different but with the PS2/PSS what does it matter?