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Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
Congratulations on the new place boys, LOOKS GREAT!!!!!

The location matters less than the quality of the work a shop turns out, as one can see from IND's current office. I am not gonna lie, when I first pulled up to the shop I was kind of taken back by the fact that such awesome work came out of such an unsuspecting place. This quality of work has allowed you guys to gain worldwide recognition in the BMW aftermarket and also allow you to grow the business and get this fantastic new location. The one thing I have always liked about IND is that no matter how big and intricate your projects got, a guy calling for a set of reflectors got the same attention and was still able to talk to Nate, Ilia, Andrew or Jesal for as long as they wanted, without ever feeling like they were any less important than the customer of a six-figure build that was going on out in the shop! I am sure nothing will change with the new location.

Once I am done spending all of my money on my new house it is a good chance I will be looking for some parts for a new car..... Or ...... a Stroker for the E90...... Most likely both!!!!!
Well stated and I could not agree more!

Looking forward to more great things from IND in the coming months and years!

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