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Originally Posted by rennis View Post
I know what you're trying to say here, but saying that a modern Porsche isn't a driver's car is pretty silly. If you ask me, the 911 is one of the last pure drivers cars. At it's heart, it's the same car it always has been, just better.

Not sure where you got that I'm saying "a modern Porsche isn't a driver's car". I simply stated "Pound for pound, dollar for dollar it represented the best buy for the money, excitement factor, drivability etc. The only cars that did better were the Porsche Boxter S and 911 S but for a lot more money."

A M3 costs ($75K-$85K) compared to a Porsche 911 S which costs ($125K) a lot more. If I had $125K I would definitedly buy a Porsche 911 S which is the better overall sport car between the two.

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