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Originally Posted by Superfly_M3 View Post
I agree that BMW is pulling the excitement out of their line ups. Look at the comparisson between the E60 and its successor. Before i bought my M the sales guy tried to push a 550 to me. After a very short drive, I knew that the car was not for me. Too numb, to heavy, and squeeked under cornering loads inside. The power was there (4.4TT) but it didn't excite. I'm glad I got my M, and will likely keep it for longer than other cars. This car has the best of all worlds IMO
This was exactly my experiences at all of the BMW dealers I test drove cars from. And this is what I'm saying. BMW was trying to convince me that bigger, lighter turbo charging was the way of the future and I need to accept it. Thank GOD I did not listen either.