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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
You don't think a group of 50,000 even 20,000 people who are starving and pissed off with nothing to lose couldn't overrun their position?
20,000 organized, coordinated people could, absolutely.

Half a century of observing the good, the bad, and the ugly of human nature has led me to believe that is not a given outcome. Look at New Orleans after Katrina. Without infrastructure, it took a short period of time for people to turn on each other, looting, start actually shooting at the rescue helicopters, etc. And that was when the National Guard did move in, by the thousands, and food help did arrive, even tho it took too long. Now imagine, instead of a few days too long, how about, not at all. Weeks go by and no federal help shows up to provide water or food. You have Lord of the Flies faster than many would like to admit. When your wife and kids are starving to death, that tends to distract you from other things.

Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
With an unarmed public there is no need for any type of an attack. They could simply change the laws to suit their agenda and enforce them at will.
The full-auto ban of '86 remains in place today, even tho many feel that it's a pretty compelling example of people ignoring the constitution, and exercising powers that they dont legally have. Given that, I'd say that it's pretty damn clear that even WITH an armed public, who all still have mags that hold more than 7 rounds, you have gov changing laws to suit their agenda, and enforcing them at will.