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Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
Actually, in the manual it explicitly states that plugs are NOT part of CBS (will not come up on computer). Simply says to change every 37k miles.
I chose the words in my post carefully for a reason. The manual says 37k but *BMW* has taken to calling for them only when CBS dictates. I actually went through an exhaustive escalation at BMWNA trying to get my plugs changed at 40k when I was trying to chase a power issue. The dealer didn't see a record of them being changed before 40k, so I insisted that they change them since I was past 37k. BMW refused to change them and said the manual was wrong, that they were now changing based on CBS only not at a fixed mileage. After digging deeper into my history, the dealer found my plugs had actually been changed at 28k (the service history was messed up somehow.) Bottom line is that don't be surprised if your dealer won't change unless the car calls for it.
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