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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Wow, that's some lean! As for the Miata not having the performance of the BRZ, I'll have to tell all the track rats that. I realize the current one is a little off of its game, but the first two generations give up very little if anything on the track to a BRZ.
Again, as I already told you weight IS everything... take the stripped down similarly lightweight 1120 kg Toyobaru with its stock engine and you have an absolute winner for the track (you can leave the stereo in if you want to - the first generation Miata was no different! ).

I had two NB Miatas in a row for 10 years or so... trust me, the Toyobaru is a much more evolved product that is and feels a WAY more solid and has a unique balance to it... where the Miata leans the Toyobaru just distributes the forces over all the four tires.

Weight and weight distribution is ALL what it comes down to!

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