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I get that he's the POTUS and needs protection from those who wish him harm.

But for a minute, forget that he needs more protection than a normal family and focus on the fact that he just needs protection and wants to feel safe. To achieve this there is huge amounts of secretive planning prior to him making an appearance, a second dummy motorcade where ever he goes, massive amounts of surveillance and several thousand police fanning out to a 2 mile perimeter and i'm sure there are other things that go in to providing security for him as well. However, in addition to all this that has taken place, his personal secret service detail arms themselves with guns.

And not just guns with 7 rounds mags, not just semi automatic guns either. Many of them are armed with sub-machineguns. For those who don't know what a sub-machinegun is, it is a FULLY AUTOMATIC weapon sized just a bit larger than a pistol, it shoots a pistol cartridge, and typically has a rate of fire around 900 rounds per minute while being loaded with 20 to 30 rounds mags.

If all that preemptive security, surveillance, planning ect doesn't provide enough protection to the point that the 20 to 30 secret servicemen in his immediate presence needs to be armed with sub-machine guns; then why can't i, without a huge wall and security network, without constant threat surveillance, without dummy motorcade on the way to work, have a semi-automatic rifle and hand gun with the capacity magazine that it was designed for in order to protect me, my family and our rights?

"There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice. -Charles de Secondat"