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Originally Posted by M3Eddy View Post
Thank you! For christ's sake. I understand where everyone is coming from but the OP clearly stated that I needed some help with purchasing a new M3. Not if I should get one or not. I already have my mind set up, it's not like some internet guy is going to change my decision.

Thanks for your time everyone.

Let us know what you end up buying. I feel bad for you since the M3 will cost you a fortune (with insurance cost). Do your math first cause the payments will be for the next 60 month or 72 month (if you finance). I know what financing is. No matter what you buy, you do get tired making those monthly payments after 6 month. If you have the money and a good paying job buy a house, move out from your parents house. You will be happier 10 or 15 years from now that you did that. But at the end it's your choice, after all it's your DINERO.