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Originally Posted by Bimmer84 View Post
I bought a nice set off ebay. The weight is casino style, and I bought a 7 color set with denomination on it. Most of my cards are actual casino cards that have been cycled out of use at the casinos, they are broken in and have a nice feel to them by the time they are distributed.

Something kind of like this:

only with 7 colors, not 5. The higher denomination was purple and orange.

Depending how many people you plan to have over, this could be a nice set:

Although, you will have chips left over unless you want to start with a lot. I know you said high quality, but I have used mine for years now with no problems at all, and probably at about three times a month or so.
Never thought about ebay but those sets look great (and pretty cheap to boot). I might get that 1000 set. I'm not sure if I should get ones with denomination though.