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Well, let's face it, if I wanted a track only toy, I'd buy a Radical, or an Atom, or a Caterham with an AP1 motor. But back to the S2k for a second, I'm not alone in preferring the AP1 to the AP2, it was easier to hang yourself with it, and in traffic it was a bear, but when you pulled off a perfect, clear lap, it was more enjoyable than the AP2. That was a blend of the peakier motor and the more neutral handling, AP2's erred too far on the side of understeer.

There you have it... the AP2 version added bigger wheels, considerably more rubber and inevitably, some of the FUN was lost in the process. Also, in order to counteract the "snap-oversteer" which the S2000 is known for and notably more so in the earlier AP1 version, the stock sway bars on the AP2 S2000 were significantly thinner, mainly in the rear.

The Toyobaru is PERFECTLY balanced to start with, so the odds are you will do more harm than good!

As for the Radical, or an Atom, or a Caterham you won't want to be in the track with none of them on an otherwise FUN rainy day... too damn wet!

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I don't think the BRZ is alone, the Miata still has massively better track support, has a Spec class, weighs less in stock form, has huge parts support, etc. If Mazda builds what they've threatened with a return to the original's weight and Alfa throws in a great motor for their version, the current BRZ has a lot to be worried about.

In my eyes, things that have kept me from buying a BRZ are the potential of an STI version plus current dealer pricing, the ND Miata coming, and as a total pipe dream, the never gonna happen threat of a Z2. Just saying that makes me laugh. Ignore the last one...

The Miata doesn't have the performance, the balance nor the comfort of the Toyobaru... nor it will ever do! Alfa Romeo is just a name with history.