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Originally Posted by mike the snake View Post
I feel you. I'm 220, and if on fire could have made it out the window, but it was easier to have someone pop the top off so I could crawl out the top. The car weighed only 1800 pounds so my extra weight didn't hurt it too much. It dynoed at 325hp to the wheels, and at 1800lbs it was insanely fast.

I dove in deep end first, it was too much car for me in many ways but especially financially.

As far as places to piss money away though, racing is up there with boats, and watches lol.
No doubt. Size can get in the way of fun sometimes... How long did you race for?

I rebuilt 2 engines on my boat last year and threw in a couple of performance parts just because the motors were opened up. Two 502ci blocks ended up costing close to 30,000 to do with some hull paint and a few odds and ends, but that was mostly engines running the bill up like that. Buying 2 cylinder heads is bad enough, but 4 is just a new ball game . Sad thing is that I know I saved money using an independent boat mechanic who was ready to make deals.... Probably kept about 10k in my pocket by not going to a performance boat dealer.

Now that they are done, won't have to do that again. I'll sell before it comes to that.

I'll probably go for a cruiser next as I like going on trips with the boat. And they tend to be babied a bit more then off shores