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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
Assuming he meant "flat torque curve", then I particularly want to know how that improves traction.
As you mention in an earlier post, tires deliver peak traction at certain slip angles, maintaining that slip angle is made easier when power is delivered in a predictable fashion (no significant or unpredictable lumps in the torque curve).

You were right about torque, no HP, being multiplied by gearing. Out of genuine curiosity, can you explain why, if gearing doesn't matter, a car can increase speed by 30mph faster in 1st gear (traction not an issue)than at any point in 3rd gear? If power is all that matters, is the only difference wind resistance? It seems like gearing must be playing a role here, as well.

p.s. since you may ask, an unpredictable lump in torque could be due to turbo lag where different throttle input patterns can lead to peak torque being built at different speeds/rpm's in real world driving, say if you have to lift when getting cut off or as traction breaks coming out of a corner then roll back on to the throttle vs. flooring it from 2500 RPM.

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