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I have always lusted for an Aston Martin. A beautiful car but not a super car. Porsche is nice. But both cars are really two seaters. I don't think they are for me. Practicality!

I think what really matters is how you feel inside. Yes, you aim to have the best but at times you make the compromise to reflect your lifestyle, budget and family.

If I am driving an ///3 today, is because I wanted an ///3. I am happy with it. Period. I don't care whether the man sitting next to me is in a Ferrari or Lamborghini. I am content and I am proud of my car. I paid for it with my hard earned money ... all the more reason to love and enjoy my car.

Will I buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini? Maybe if I win lotto! Just kidding. I get enough jealous looks and at time comments. I don't want to attract the wrath of the people or make them believe I am super rich or plucking money from the trees.

I think ///3 is designed and built to differentiate from a series 3.

And I also like someone to define poor. If one can afford a ///3 one is not poor. They made a good judgement ... bought the car with the head not with the heart.

Also I love BMWs. I could have bought a C63 AMG if I wanted. It has more power, right?

I still feel top of the world every time I drive this car. Super car ... so you can brag you own one. No ... I bought this car to enjoy it because I want an ///3. It suits my lifestyle, my income and more importantly we can ride as a family ... my daughter, my wife and me. It's a "Super" car to me. Thank you.
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