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Okay, I will pop in with a " I am, happy with my VT1-535 on the tracK".

I am running 10 - 15 mph faster on straights with the S/C and overall a couple of seconds faster on the same tracks than when I was just NA.
Ran the first year with the car NA ( 14 days)and then last year SC'ed ( 16 days).

Added the M24 oil cooler so my engine temperatures with the SC are actually running 20 F cooler at the end of track days than when I was NA.
I can't get the oil over 245 now ( first year often hit 270F and got the temp light several times). Same track, same summer temps...

Inter coolers cool the charge air, but are usually placed in a position where they block the flow to the radiator. So the engine doesn't necessarily run cooler. I agree that the inter cooler will produce more power of course....

Now I also run in the North East, but it has been in the mid 80's many days and I haven't had an over-heating problem.

I hit 160 mph on the back straight of VIR with the 535, so I don't think I need more power, just to become a better driver.
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