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Originally Posted by Nuke818 View Post
So I went to the dealership today and finally talked to the service manager and he was able to explain to me the entire diagnosis as well as show me the car. The diagnose was a valve seal failure in the #8 cylinder which caused excess oil to burn in the cylinder and cause excess carbon build up of the valve. As a result of this the valve was not seating properly which was causing a misfire and low compression of the #8 cylinder. They also had the cylinder sent to be cleaned, changed out the valves on the #7 and 8 cylinders, changed out the springs on 5,6,7 and 8, changed out the fuel injectors on 7 and 8, and changing out the engine oil. The SM reassured me that this won't happen again and that of all the cases the the BMW engineers accessed in the PUMA database mine was one of three. I should have the car back tomorrow

Obviously an comments and feedback of what you guys think is appreciated.
This is good news..a top engine issue is certainly much better than mid or bottom engine issue. Not sure what you mean though when you say they sent cylinder #8 to be cleaned?

Did they remove the whole block?..Do you know if the cylinder was scored and needed to be remachined? Or was it just cleaned to remove oil contaminants and deposits? I would ask for more detail on this

Otherwise everything they did seems to make sense and they did service almost all the bank #2 cylinders for good measure.