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Originally Posted by ARE911 View Post
Hey Fellas,

I went to a local dealer in Miami and got a quote on a new M3. They said it would take about 8-10 weeks to get here. I wanted to get some feedback from you guys. Do you think I should go forward on the deal?

MSRP: $72,045
Sale Price: $69,045
Holiday Credit: $1,500

Final negotiated price: $67,545
Decent? Just barely, it seems to me.

Hard to know exactly how much you should be paying for the car because you have listed no options. However, 9% or so of the MSRP includes the markup. Going by that, you should be able to get the car for about 64.5K.
72K - 6480 (markup) -1500 (holiday credit) + 500 profit for the dealer = 64.5K