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Originally Posted by Rukuss View Post
The lakers have no chemistry period this is why they suck!!.....on the Jodan Kobe never ending topic Jordan was very influential with not only his team mates but everyone in the world, it was almost like he was born to do this, Kobe on the other hand is a great basketball player but more of a copy cat he is not infuential, he dosent influence his team mates or anyone else to work like him or be like him...we can argue stats all day but the bottom line is that Jordan had more respect, leadership and a tremendous will...more so then any other in this game, and you can't teach it its a gift, it also dosent show up on stats.

I think if Lebron stays healthy he can top MJ on phisical level stats, but he dosent have the killer instinct like M.
Jordans teammates disliked playing with him, they all admitted that he was really hard to deal with after he retired. The difference is that Jordans teammates were smart enough to understand that he will lead them to victory. They trusted and believed in him.

The NBA protected Jordan as much as it could from any media back lashing, no one was allowed to talk bad about Jordan while he was still in the NBA. It's much easier to trust and believe in someone when no one ever talks bad about him. In my opinion if Jordan had to go through the same type of criticism that players go through today he would be looked at quite differently.