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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post

You asked for a track toy... I 'gave you' one of the best - a 1120 kg Toyobaru with stock engine. Period.

For every other use you can come up with you've just pointed out why the Toyobaru, even in its current form, is such a GEM, it has NO parallel!
Well, let's face it, if I wanted a track only toy, I'd buy a Radical, or an Atom, or a Caterham with an AP1 motor. But back to the S2k for a second, I'm not alone in preferring the AP1 to the AP2, it was easier to hang yourself with it, and in traffic it was a bear, but when you pulled off a perfect, clear lap, it was more enjoyable than the AP2. That was a blend of the peakier motor and the more neutral handling, AP2's erred too far on the side of understeer.

I don't think the BRZ is alone, the Miata still has massively better track support, has a Spec class, weighs less in stock form, has huge parts support, etc. If Mazda builds what they've threatened with a return to the original's weight and Alfa throws in a great motor for their version, the current BRZ has a lot to be worried about.

In my eyes, things that have kept me from buying a BRZ are the potential of an STI version plus current dealer pricing, the ND Miata coming, and as a total pipe dream, the never gonna happen threat of a Z2. Just saying that makes me laugh. Ignore the last one...