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Originally Posted by mamadub View Post
Who wants a dog that behaves anyway? I like mine spirited!

I had to sign such a contract for my Boxer and my Boston Terrier. I keep in touch with both breeders, and when I told the BT breeder that our little guy had some health issues, she offered to buy him back. He was 4 years old at the time. I told her she didn't have enough money in the bank to buy back our boy. But, that's what a good breeder does!
When I got Chloe, she was on condition of allowing them to use her for breeding. At first I was 100% ok with it, but at about 6 months old I realized I couldn't give her up for a few months. Shes going to be 3 in July and I never regret my decision to get her spayed and keep her with me. I also keep in contact with my breeders. One acutally used to live out here in Boston, so I bring her beer when I drive home.
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