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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
So 20 first graders in Newtown had their bodies completely riddled with bullets in less than 10 minutes by a hunting rifle?
No.. the real police report just came out. No AR-15 was used... I repeat NO AR-15 was used. All pistol rounds were used. 4 different pistols. The original police report said the AR-15 was not used and in the back of his car... some how that got pushed under the proverbial rug and the democrats and media ran with the AR-15 "Assault" rifle as the demon. All were shot with semi-auto pistols. Media Bias... Agenda being pushed by democrats...

I have a 9mm with 2 clips that hold 17 bullets plus one in the chamber... I can pump 35 rounds out of it in probably 20 seconds. a clip change is only a half a second.