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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
I've asked before and haven't received an answer from anyone yet. If the government sees me fit to own a weapon without being a threat to society, why regulate what type of weapons i can own?
I guess it depends on what you mean by "if the gov sees me fit".

As it stands today, a lot of the time, gov has no opportunity to make that ruling at all. They aint saying you are NOT fit, but they aren't saying you are either; they cannot offer any sort of verdict since they are completely absent from that process.

In Ariz, if you have a gun, it is legal for you to sell it to me on the streetcorner for cash, with absolutely no oversight whatsoever. I could be an escapee from a mental institution with a list of felony convictions a mile long, and the seller apparently commits no crime. A car cannot be legally transferred that simply.

A painfully farcical situation arose in Ariz when a voluntary buy back of guns was organized following the Giffords shooting. The intent was to reduce the number "in circulation", so that bad guys have less supply to use when committing a crime. People showed up to trade in their old unused guns for much needed cash, but many never made it off the street, since gun lovers appeared in a lot next door with signs, offering MORE cash for your weapon than the officials, and it all legally happened in plain view of the police who could do nothing but shake their head and watch.

If we got to the place where some agency was always overseeing that transaction, so it would become true to say "the gov saw you fit", then I'd agree that it would make sense to loosen restrictions on you.

Of course, just because I can drive a car does not mean I can legally drive an 18-wheeler, so it would make sense to have multiple levels of regulation; this guy is OK to own small caliber rifle that is not full auto, and that guy has taken additional steps to prove competency with something that is potentially more of a handful, so he can own a larger caliber and/or full auto weapon.

It seems we are million miles away from that now, especially considering the NRA recently helped oppose and kill several Virginia bills requiring background checks on private firearm transfers, and then sent an email to all Virginia members bragging about it.