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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
I could swore I read about some firearms act of 1986 or something which expressly forbade civilians from owning full auto... Gotta check that tomorrow when I have time....
OK, so my memory has not completely failed me... not yet, anyway...

What I recalled was the "Firearm Owners Protection Act", signed into federal law in May 19, 1986.

It basically bans any civilian from ownership (and transfer rights) of any fully automatic weapon which was not already registered as of May 19, 1986.

I guess the catch, which I missed the first time I read it, is that any weapon made before the cutoff date could still be owned and transferred by civilians (which is really quite illogical; either it's worthy of restricting or it's not, I cant imagine any sane argument being constructed which proves that an M60 made on May 18, 1986 is fine, but not an identical one made 2 days later. They are either both OK, or both not OK. but I digress....)

So, it seems to still be true that any full auto weapons made in the last 27 years cannot legally be owned by civilians.

I guess that explains the crazy prices: limited supply, and ever growing demand.

What it still does not explain, to me anyways, is how that does not constitute a violation of the 2nd amendment, but going from 10 rounds to 7 does ?

I'm no lawyer, but I'd guess that one trying to argue constitutional law would have a more challenging time arguing that it's a violation even tho you can still go buy a new one tomorrow, (but you'll have to reload a bit more frequently than before), when it wasnt a violation when they said you can NOT go buy a new one tomorrow, no matter what mag you wanna put in it.