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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
I notice the guns guys seem to be really focused on terminology, particularly the term "assault rifle". Keep in mind, I didn't create the term. That is the term being used in the current dialogue about guns and gun regulation in the US. What matters is how the law makers define the term "assault rifle". Any resulting gun legislation will be based on their definition, not mine.

Since you guys are so exorcised about the term maybe it's more pertinent to know how YOU define the term "assault rifle"?
So, you don't know what it is, but you're afraid of them and want them banned fast, damnit!

We're focused on the terminology because the terminology was invented by the anti-gun lobby precisely to stoke irrational fears such as yours.

The military defines "assault rifle" as a select-fire (i.e. offers some kind of full-auto mode) rifle that fires an intermediate power cartridge (i.e. more powerful than a pistol, but less powerful than a battle rifle). I believe it is unconstitutional to have such tight controls on guns like this, starting with the NFA in the 30's, precisely because it is an infringement.