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Originally Posted by FormulaMMM View Post
Also considered the RS4. Carbon build up, and suspension (DRC) issues.

E90 is a superior dry weather performer in every way.
was in the same boat as you guys.
living in NY/NJ, I also considered quattro to be a big +.

I'm a big sedan guy, my next car HAD to be a sedan + 6MT, and didn't even consider E92.
My choices were C63 although automatic, mint used RS4, or E90 M3.

Fortunately my friends had C63 and a B7 S4 (not RS4), so had chance to drive them several times

C63 was awesome power, loved the sound, but the automatic was just pathetic. I remember my friend going thru a set of tires every 7K miles, it was dangerous and almost annoying to daily drive in light rain or snow. seats were very uncomfortable in long drive cruise (heavy bolsters like M3 but while M3 cushion is soft Merc cushion is very hard). But really, that automatic disappointed me so much...I mean it's fast but all I can do is gas or brake, I can do that in a range rover supercharged...

RS4 was def a rare car, and i personally still love the B7 rs4 design. Especially with the euro seats and euro Lambo styled steering wheel, i think it looks amazing. But those suspension and engine carbon build up issues were always present in ALL rs4s. When I drove the S4 many times, it def felt planted on the road, but that does not mean it will carve through corners well. many magazines said, this car understeers so much even on a local spirited driving condition, i remember thinking i'd rather be in my old acura tsx than this. I also remember this car lapping 8 or 9 seconds behind the same engined 4.2 R8. This is a good example of a great masterpiece engine ruined by a poor chassis.

Ended up with my dream car, e90 m3. Car drives amazing, still having hard time with mpg, but the point is that every time i drive it i really enjoy the experience. great seats, great CIC i drive, great 6MT, almost too sensitive engine response (i turn power button off on local roads now), a great chassis (big plus compared to RS4) for track or tuning capability etc etc.... went on a 1600 miile trip with 4 ppl, was a great trip. car must stay in garage when snowing but hey, I can't ask for everything. I'd rather have the BEST rwd 6mt sports sedan than a GOOD 4wd sports sedan.