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Originally Posted by shaner2000 View Post
Even for a 2010? Clearbook puts it at $41k. KBB and NADA same ballpark. Or are you just saying in general?
In my opinion, regardless of year, taking a car with over 40k on the clock is not worth $40k price. This thread shows that you can get cars with less than 30k miles for the same price.

If some of these cars have extended warranty, it adds some value, but you'll have to assess this yourself based on the remaining mileage and warranty info. Extended warranty costs around $5000 (i think, please obtain your own quotes from a dealer), but most of these CPO cars already had their "warranty punched" and are already on the clock within it's first year of extension.

My recommendation is buying a low mileage car (30k miles or below) with the balance of original warranty, and buy extended warranty afterwards to capture maximum time and miles of coverage. (or not buy extended at all) All this can be done in the $46k-$49k, if you're a savvy negoitator.

At the end of the day, it all depends on how long you want to keep your car, and how deep your pockets are today and in the future to buy and maintain (or fix) the car. Buying a preowned car is a smart financial move, (assuming you can afford the car to begin with), but you still shouldn't overpay. I bought mine in 2010 (i'm on page 1 of this thread), and my car has only depreciated 15% since then. Not bad.

Just my thought.