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Originally Posted by M3forMe View Post
Are you for real. Check out his stats tonight. He was like 12 for 16 out of the gate. The dude sat on the bench for 3 minutes and the sorry ass team turned the ball over 3 times and couldn't make shit. If he wasn't on this team they would be as bad the Clips in the 80's. also heard a stat from John Ireland today and this is for all the Kobe haters that say DH12 should get more shots. He is the second highest in the NBA right now for getting the ball in the post. Not Kobe's fault the dude can't dunk the dn ball.

Lakers suck and he it not because of Kobe. Oh yeah and Gasol got his chance tonight. What did he do. Not much because he is too soft to be a full time center. He should quit crying and start making his shots from the wing.
The lakers have no chemistry period this is why they suck!!.....on the Jodan Kobe never ending topic Jordan was very influential with not only his team mates but everyone in the world, it was almost like he was born to do this, Kobe on the other hand is a great basketball player but more of a copy cat he is not infuential, he dosent influence his team mates or anyone else to work like him or be like him...we can argue stats all day but the bottom line is that Jordan had more respect, leadership and a tremendous will...more so then any other in this game, and you can't teach it its a gift, it also dosent show up on stats.

I think if Lebron stays healthy he can top MJ on phisical level stats, but he dosent have the killer instinct like M.