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Originally Posted by SpiralOut View Post
Was about the same amount down.... maybe a litte more, 36month @ 12k/year, car MSRP was $2000 more than yours and I'm $774/month. This was with holiday cash, bmw loyalty discount, and bmw drive app discount.

BTW, I came from a 335 (2010 msport) as well and man what a difference. They may look alike, but the M3 is a beast and feels like a completely different car. I'm also a manual guy, but loven the DCT so far.

Your seems like a pretty good deal but not sure why my dealer can do it. The most he can do is $819 and the MF is at .00145.

Your last paragraph gave me a smile, cant wait to get into a M3 from a 335 ! When i test drove a M3 i could immediately tell the difference !